Our mission goes through thousands of articles on healthy eating, nutritional cards on foods and video interviews with nutritionists on healthy eating and diet. And then, hundreds of recipes, complete with calorie intake and nutritional commentary, in many cases accompanied by videos and step-by-step photos that guide readers in the creation of the dishes. And again, articles on fitness and training programs, because, to feel good, healthy diet and active life must go hand in hand, insights into health, the latest trends from the world of beauty and wellness, a direct link with experts ( nutrients, psychologists, personal trainers, doctors of various disciplines, food bloggers), who answer the questions of readers on the site.

All of this is tackled with seriousness and scientific rigour, but also with a simple language and a practical slant, full of useful tips for changing one’s daily habits for the better, at the table and beyond.

In addition to the contents of the site, there is the personalized diet service, available on the web and on the app, which allows you to lose up to a kilo per week in a balanced way and without risk to health through a tailored menu, developed on the basis of the physical characteristics, lifestyle and dietary preferences of each user. A path that has already helped more than two million people to regain their shape without effort and without sacrifices.