The increase in physical activity in the open air, the multiplication of trips and social commitments that generally accompany the arrival of the summer season are associated, in fact, with a natural acceleration of energy metabolism that cannot be compensated only by increasing the daily calorie intake (moreover, not always necessary).

Choose the right vitamins and start with sprint

In order for the nutrients contained in food (particularly lipids and carbohydrates) to be readily transformed into energy useful for muscles and the brain, some microelements that our body is not able to produce are also essential, such as the B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins, including vitamin E and vitamin C.

Each vitamin performs a different function, the following table summarizes them.

Group B and antioxidants

Group B vitamins and antioxidants, although for different reasons, are useful to everyone and to any age.

In children, they help to support intense physical activity, the mental effort required by the study, the higher metabolic rate associated with growth and the immune defences repeatedly stimulated by respiratory infections and other common ailments in the change of season.

In adults, they are essential to ensure prompt reactivity at work and greater vitality to deal with a thousand daily tasks without running the risk of feeling too tired or nervous.

In the elderly, they compensate for the natural decrease in metabolic efficiency and immune defences associated with advancing age, allowing you to maintain a better general well-being throughout the year.

Suitable foods and supplements

How do you get all the micronutrients you need to tackle a new spring with momentum? First of all, follow a varied, balanced and quality diet.

Enriching our table with a diet rich in fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish, light dairy products and many liquids (water, fruit juices and vegetable centrifuges, milk, etc.), which will also help to lose those 2-3 kilos of too much accumulated during the winter and to detoxify the body.

Then, to ensure an adequate daily intake of micronutrients, you can use supplements of vitamins and minerals rich in B vitamins and antioxidants.

With a warning: as in all rebalancing interventions, to obtain tangible benefits you must have a little patience and regularly take vitamin supplements at the dosage indicated on the packages for at least 15 days. It’s worth it.